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Radio Ham G0MRR

FISTS Member 2067      ROTA Member 2796


1-12-21. My rig  now is a new Yaesu FT 991A. This radio has plenty to get my head around but I am enjoying the challenge.

The Main antenna is my end fed 21.64 meter (Magic Length) wire. The installation is part stealth coming out of my house loft area by going through the wall and turning at right angles down my garden path. The end fed wire is connected to a 9-1 Unun and fed directly into my SG239 Smart Tuner in the loft away from any weather conditions. The SG239 smart tuner really works well and I can do all bands from 3.5 up to 10 + 6 Mtrs. The end fed has 4 counterpoise wires at various  lengths. With both antennas I do not require the built in tuner from the in built of the FT991A so I keep that switched off. The end fed is approximately 5 meters high sloping to 3 meters at the far end.

My optional antenna is my MFJ Horizontal loop Hi Q approx 98cm. in diameter. The loop has a remote control tuner which after a little experience to tune it becomes a great antenna exceeding all expectations. As the loop is 9 meters of ground (30 feet) MFJ recommend the loop be horizontal and a plus is that it become Omni directional!

G0MRR Grandson of J.J.Denton .One of the First with Communications transatlantic to USA

The many memory settings of the SG239 smart tuner make matching easy and SWR is low.

I can switch from end fed wire to Magnetic loop with my HF switch over in my shack and the end fed wire becomes my ears while I scout the bands before tuning the Mag. loop to the desired frequency.

The mag. loop is placed on the wall gable end of house and a steel pole takes it above ridge height to 9 Mtrs.
30 foot.
 (See Picture)

My end fed wire (by means of a small hole and plastic 6mm heating pipe) allows the wire through the wall. The run inside the lost area is kept to a minimum. Mine is less then 3mtrs.In length from smart tuner through wall at 5 mtrs. height, turning at 35 degrees as it follows the garden path to a wooden pole 3mtrs. Part Stealth inside 15% part sloper 85%. Thats how I have got over having a small garden and with having an XYL keen gardener not wanting wires and antennas everywhere!