My Rig is a Yaesu FT 890
My main antenna is the MFJ 1788X Hi Q Loop some fine tuning and a little experience in the beginning to operate the REMOTE CONTROL TUNER UNIT. When one becomes use to its very fine tuning this loop exceeds all expectations.

My EZ End fed wire (part Stealth) just 16.1 meters  runs from inside the loft area of my house. Attached is a 1-9 unun from an SG 239 Smart tune. All inside the loft away from weather conditions. The end fed runs through the outer wall (Insulated) and down the garden area the exterior length being just 15 metres terminating on a high wooden post..

The many memory settings on the SG239 matching easy with low SWR. I can switch from One antenna to the other giving me full coverage from 80 to 10.


The loop is installed high on the gable end and as its over 9 meters It is installed horizontally.


The two modes I enjoy are phone and C.W.

Perhaps using my Bencher Key more often than the Mic.

I have a BHi Noise Away module that I find excellent on the long wire keeping white noise to a minimum.

The Mag Loop is extremely quiet and the noise away not required for this multi Magnetic loop antenna.

For 2 mtrs and 70 cms. I use my ICOM E208 VHF/UHF transceiver. The antenna is an X-50 High Gain Dual Band which I have placed in the roof space, bur rarely used now.

JJ with Logie

Joseph John Denton was an engineer with The Hastings Municipal Corporation and was the first Honorary Secretary of the Hastings Radio Society.

His call sign is a mystery and we have tried to research finding it. His work was undertaking various secret trails for the government. He was involved with the first radio transmission across the Atlantic to USA

JJ Denton with Clapp

J.J.Denton with Lodge

J.J.Denton with Clapp

The Gold Medal

Not surprising then CHRIS took to being a radio Ham!


QSL Large
Oliver Lodge to JJ.- 1
Oliver Lodge to JJ.

 CQ G0MRR QTH Bridgwater Somerset England

Last updated 05-04-2021

Chris Denton-Powell is the grandson of Dr. Joseph John Denton A.I.M.E.E.

1880-1952 Televisor - Telephone - Hertz Waves & Radar

1788X Antenna

FISTS Member 2067

ROTA Member 2796

MFJ 1788X Hi Q Magnectic Loop 33 ins. / 84Cms Dia.

Part Stealth 15.6 mtr end fed through gable end from SG 239 Smart Tuner coupled with 1-9 UnUn